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Once sent to print, the order can not be changed or rushed.****

The order will go into production immediately and it will be ready roughly 2 weeks from the date this form is signed. Assembly adds on 1 more week. To be clear, orders WITHOUT assembly will be ready in 2-3 weeks and order WITH assembly will be ready in about3 weeks barring any shipping delays, back orders on materials, or situations out of sellers control such as impacts from natural disasters, COVID shut downs and such.

A few days prior to shipping you will receive a shipping preference form via email where you can request expedited shipping, insurance and signature.

Any reprint due to styling errors, typos, grammatical issues or layout placement issues is the responsibility of the buyer/client. The client is responsible financially and is subject to express fees and shipping charges.

The designer, Prettiest Pixel, is responsible for any manufacturing defects or color inconsistencies.

Any delays due to out of stock or back ordered items is at no fault of Prettiest Pixel, and arrangements will be made to find timely solutions at or near cost of the original product.

Final payment is due prior to or on the day it ships. The order will not ship until the final payment has been made.

I authorize Prettiest Pixel to move forward with printing on all digitally proofed files.

I confirm that I have proofed each digital file very carefully and each items is approved for print.

If there are any changes after this form has been signed,
a fee of $50 will be assessed and there will be a delay in production. 

Thanks for submitting!Your Proof Approval Form is complete!We'll send your order to productionand be in touch shortly soon.

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