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These are all generic in content and layout/style. Due to the high cost of setup, we do not offer customized samples. Please note we sell our samples for less than what a normal full suite would be. Our samples are priced to sell and do not include a design fee since they are generic samples.


All invitations are 5x7 inches and you can choose one of the following:

  • If you are interested in receiving a full sample pack with everything in it please purchase our BYOI/Build Your Own Invitation) This will allow you to mix and match and play around with your favorites! 


Acrylic Invitation options are....

  • Flexi thin acrylics: Clear
  • Medium acrylics: Clear and Frosted
  • Thick acrylics: Black and clear.


Cardstock Invitation options are....

  • Letterpress: Usually on double thick paper
  • Foil: Can be on any paper
  • Digital Printing: Can be on any paper but not the double thick

Digital printing is by far and wide the fastest turn around time. 


Our house papers are all premium paper! 

We usually send extra just so you have a wide variety of things to view! 

Invitation Samples - Singular

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