Congratulations you have ordered a printable from The Prettiest Pixel via Etsy!

Please follow the directions below to achieve the best print.

Before you click OK or PRINT at home, please check your printer settings and make sure your settings appear as the graphic below.

Whether you print with your local professional printing company or print at home, you will want to print out a test proof to ensure the colors are accurate.

1. If the colors ARE NOT accurate, please be sure you are printing the proof from the ACTUAL printer that will produce the final product. Each printer can produce color differently due to different calibration methods and technologies. This is the largest problem I deal with from my customers who order Printable items. The Prettiest Pixel can not guarantee color on Printables due to calibration and different printer brands (Xerox, HP, etc).

2. I send all files prepped to be printed on 8.5x11 card stock. I highly recommend printing on 80# cardstock. You might find difficulty with a heavier weight on your home printer. Please check your printer settings when printing on this weight and do test prints!

3. The pdf's are all high resolution and print ready....Even the proofs. So the last file that is sent, is print ready if you approve.

4. You will need to print on 8.5x11 card stock then cut them down using the crop marks on each page. Again, this will take some work if you are printing at home. If you don't have the tools at home, it might be cheaper to outsource this by the time you purchase all of the cutting supplies.

5. If you find that your test print is not printing the correct size, please check your settings in the Acrobat menu and be sure you are printing "actual size" and not "fit to page".

Furthermore, if you continue to have problems, please contact Alexia at The Prettiest Pixel at

Q: I requested my file to be 8.5x5.5 inches and 2 to fit to a page. I want the ink to go all the way to the edge, but when I print, there is a constant white border. Why is that?
A. That white border is called GRIPPER. A gripper, is basically a space on a sheet of paper that allows for the printer to physically grip the paper as it's printing through.

Q. I requested my files to be 5x7 inches (or any other specific size) and it's printing out really large. How can I fix that?
A. Please refer to #5 up above.